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Cruel, stupid, and vindicitve.

Da Gang is a chaotic entity that sprouted from the Marketplace Massacre 201 AD in Verdisol. Both an organization and a way of life, Da Gang has proved to be a bizarrely persistent and unstoppable force. As most things with Goblins, Da Gang quickly spread across Dragon’s Cradle and on to other continents. Additionally, Da Gang is only open to either Goblins (both Miremuck and Tarment) or the occasional small beastkin.

Organization Ranks

As a modern entity, Da Gang is accepting of all genders and religions. The only requirement is that you are a goblin with something to offer. The ranks below are considered gender-neutral, and anyone can be deemed the Big Boss, Lad, or Boi.


The leader of Da Gang. A goblin who, somehow, came into possession of a mithril jetpack. This goblin rules over Da Gang through both fear, prowess, and money. Big Boss can be displaced at any time by a Lad that kills them or steals their jetpack.

Big Boss is currently: Blastermaster Smithereen


Bois that have risen to this rank typically have something unique about them. They are in possession of iron or steel jetpacks (typically handcrafted) and can control the Bois on raids or gang fights.

Lads come in 4 colors:

Standard Gobbo Green (+10 HP)

Smarty Pants Blue (+2 Intelligence)

Fast as FUUUUCK Red (+2 Dexterity)

Weird Dude Purple (+2 Constitution)


The vast majority of organization members. Some have a jetpack, while others attach exploding runes to the bottom of their feet to keep up.