Death's Shroud

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A mysterious coven that follows Lena. Unlike other religions, members of the Shroud do not seek to increase their numbers. All of those who are brought to the Shroud enter through direct guidance from Lena herself. Members of the Shroud appear undying; they regularly sacrifice other members, unassuming civilians, as well as elaborate and intricate sacrifice events like the Sanguinary Rite. Those who are among the Shroud are few and and far between and their goals remain absolute mystery for now.



There are three Heralds within the Shroud. These people commune directly with Lena and possess Sacrifice. It is unclear if the Heralds are Lena’s direct children or simply someone she has chosen.

[⅓ Herald Positions Filled]

  • Ashe
  • Open
  • Open


Sacrifice one of the Flock, or an outsider, to temporarily boost the Shroud's power (Temporary+1 Dice to Magical and Physical Attacks, +20 Temporary HP).

+2 Dexterity or Strength, +2 Intelligence or Wisdom

  • Unable to use healing magics
  • Must abide by Lena’s commands


Exalted members of the Shroud that possess the Sacrifice ability. The High Priests/Priestesses will take information from the Herald and disperse it among the Ministers and Flock.


A member that is outspoken and tries to convert regular people into the Flock.


Unnamed members that work in secret with one another or alone to see the High Priest/Priestess' will be completed.