Embers of Surna

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The Embers of Surna are an isolated group rarely seen in civilized society. This cloister still worships the vanished Sun Goddess, Surna the Divine Light but, given the Branded’s presence, they will almost never reveal such for fear of being kidnapped or killed.

Regardless, some citizens will offer a prayer or a good luck saying to her, but many of their temples are long since ruined.

Followers of the Light typically command fire and any who follow Surna, no matter their level within the Following, wear a gold necklace with the shown symbol. These necklaces may be passed down amongst followers, lay-people, or simply those who view them as oddities.



The number of Flame Keepers in the world is currently unknown. These high level members of the Embers keep their status hidden to avoid detection by the Old Ones. Flame Keepers (according to legend) guard flames left by Surna.

These people are chosen through RP after completing Ember related bounties and events.

  • Some gain the ability to call forth sunlight while all, of course, become proficient at commanding flames.
  • +2 Constitution, +2 Wisdom.
  • Further abilities vary between Flame Keepers.


A renowned ember who has turned their desire into vows. They are typically anointed as such by a flame keeper or, more commonly, members of their church after dedicating themselves to spreading Surna's light through actions or their words.

  • Those who are anointed by Flame Keepers through rp typically gain access to either divine light or flames.


Those who believe in Surna and desire to see her flame returned to the world. They can offer prayer to Surna, see her temples preserved, and help their community and others in need. Many Peacekeepers are Embers, as their values often coincide.