Fortune's Gaze

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Fortune’s Gaze is a curious lot. Made of dare devils, gamblers, anarchists, and rebels, the Gaze is a non-congruent group that worship the Goddess of Chaos, Fortuna Fen, through their deeds and actions. Some were indoctrinated into the Gaze with bad gambles, others state that they have met Fortuna in visions, at casinos, or even randomly in freak accidents. The Gaze will always find a way and laugh as the cards fall. For these worshippers, the act of gambling or risking their (or those around them) lives is the penultimate experience of their lives.

Rank 0 Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
Jack Jack Queen King Ace Joker Dealer
-- +2 CHA +3 CHA +4 CHA +5 CHA Artifact
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