Garden of Delights

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The original Garden is nestled within the warm catacombs of Dranur. Considered a neutral space for any to come and enjoy themselves, it is easy to get lost within the plush, velveteen walls of the establishment. The Garden is a place of solace and safety; there is no violence allowed (unless it has been requested and paid for, of course). The Garden itself is a point of interest for many locals; the stage floor allows for standard singing to provocative performances, as well as traveling bands. There is a bar, drug meister, as well as the working Flowers who sell their time, crafts, and bodies for money. The Garden has a warm relationship with the Goldshark Casino, and will often send Flowers when there is a large event. The main floor of the Garden is connected with the Steamy Bathhouses in Dranur. One can purchase a bath separately or with a Flower from the garden.

If one is savvy enough, there is also an abundance of information to purchase. Some of it is simple rumors, while others great secrets. It all depends on how much one is willing to pay…

Other Garden locations can be built and opened through roleplay.

Isabella Tifa Pafina’s Altercations: The Steamy Bath Houses have been worked on by the Shop’s personal Manatek Engineer Isabella Tifa Pafina. To the corners, pillars, pools, floors, walls, ceilings and even the chandeliers have miniature manatek devices installed and hidden within. They create various peacocks and parrots to fly around, phantom images created with mana lamps, with sound systems hooked up to release the bird’s calls. The pools have phantom images of otters and various fish swimming around and playing with similar sound systems. The phantom images are multi-colored and somewhat see through. The door has been replaced by strings of mana beads that hum and glow when approached or touched.

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Biennate Botienne Printemps Fleur Abielle Apiculter Jardiniere
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