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The Mage’s Council is a well-known organization throughout the world. Their goal is to understand the fundamental properties of mana, magic use, as well as how to implement manatek beyond mundane functionality. Primarily followers of The Order, the Council's Creed is as follows:

  1. Magic has an equal and equivalent cost, either to the caster, environment, or the Balance of the world
  2. Use of forbidden magics, such as necromancy and space-altering effects, disrupts the Balance
  3. Mages must not use their power and knowledge to bring undue harm to the world or those around them
  4. Creation, understanding, and invention with magic must be the ultimate pursuit of all Mages
  5. The Council will govern and remove any of those, affiliated or not, who break the Mage’s Council Creed
Rank 0 Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
Mage Hunter Void Hunter Magister Head Magister Sorcerer Prime
-- +2 EP +3 EP +4 EP +5 EP +50 EP
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Charter Magi

Primary Location: Strait of Caelstis, The Void

Purpose: To Seek Out, Explore, and Study New Void Phenomena

Under tentative agreement from the Mage’s Council, Charter Magi have been given express permission to freely research the Void and the many mysteries that dwell within. Breaking from Council tradition, Void Mages and Magicae may adhere to the Charter and join their ranks.

Those within the charter come from all walks of life and personal beliefs, many finding it an opportunity for a second chance at life, granted clemency for former infractions against the Mage’s Council. A good number of Charter Magi have made their home within the Void, using it as a base of operations for delving further than normally possible.