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Elseldir’s Chosen


The Moon Glow is a relatively young religion. Born from Surna’s disappearance, Elseldir began to aid those lost within the world with his Mark. This mark allowed for miracle-like healing, preservation, and increased lifespans. Some view the Mark as a blessing while others a curse, one thing is for certain, however. Those who bear Elseldir’s Mark live long, fruitful lives, and bring healing to those around them. Moon Glow are most typically elves, but any race can follow Elseldir’s path. Many Moon Glow will specialize in some type of healing magic- Elseldir’s Mark makes them unable to use dark magics.



Vernacularly called “Elseldir’s Chosen” or Moon Marked, these individuals bear a spherical mark on their heart where Elseldir has touched them. Those who are Marked have an unusually long lifespan, extreme fertility/virility, as well as wound healing and regeneration. Lunar Apostles may pass down their Mark to their male descendants, who can continue the line. Female descendants are unable to continue the line.

[3/5 Apostle Positions Filled]

  • Orrian Entumal
  • Razah Eonichi
  • Open
  • Open
  • Open

Apostles have the following Modifiers:

+2 Intelligence or Wisdom, +20 Health

  • Unable to use dark magics
  • Unable to use majority offensive magics (spells must be at least 50% healing/protection/etc oriented)
  • -1 to Critical Hit


Followers of the Moon Glow are those who subscribe to the idea of Elseldir and his healing philosophy. Many feel as if Elseldir himself has touched their lives in some way, such as saving them from a childhood illness, or by a miracle of life. Followers do not have to be descendants.


Descendants of the Moon Glow are either children or direct descendants of a Lunar Apostle. Male descendants will bear Elsedir’s Mark and pass it on to the their children. Female descendants cannot bear the mark, but typically have silver hair.