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    Day of Noëlle

    smol noelle

    During the early years of the golden age there was a city called Myravantun that could be found in the northern lands of H’Nau. It was small, and by no means were the people who lived there rich, but there was one thing they all took deep pride in: A dragon with feathered scales as white as snow who went by the name of ‘Noëlle’.

    Like most of her kind she was majestic and powerful, but above all she was kind. She treated all in Myravantun as her children and the land like her horde. Whatever she found she would gift to the people with a jovial smile; whatever she created, she shared.

    During the brutal winters she would allow the allow those without a warm place to rest under her body so that they would not freeze.

    And thus, among the natives, Noëlle was revered for her piety, warmth, and kindness.

    When darkness fell, instead of protecting herself, she stood tall and defended Myravantum until each of her ‘children’ had escaped. She told them to flee with whatever was left of her horde and to never forget her love for them.

    Yet even when the last child fled she remained to protect the remnants of Myravantun because she knew that eventually others would come. Those who were fleeing from the west would need somewhere to rest their heads after all.

    And as she predicted they did. And like before she protected those who passed through and gave what she could.

    A feather to be their shield.

    A tooth as their sword.

    Until there was nothing left of her nor Myravantum.

    Nothing but affected hearts and beholden whispers.

    Once a year, in honor of her death, people spread cheer through gifts and good deeds to others to show what a little kindness can do.

    This day is known as the ‘Day of Noëlle’ and has spread far across the realm in the past 200+ years.

    Be Merry in the name of Noëlle.

    Swell of the Sea

    After Surna burst forth into the universe with a fiery explosion, Eurotas, the aspect of water and duality, followed shortly after. Only, he had not arrived with such flare, but as a gentle rainfall, filling up the seabeds to their very brim. With the touch of light from the brightened moon, Eurotas populated the oceans with aquatic life, helping them grow and live in the sporadic and unpredictable waters. All was good and prosperous for many years.

    Part way into the Golden Ages, Eurotas found that the aspects of tranquility and destruction could not find common ground. Constant warring and hostility threw Eurotas’ mind into chaos. Being left with little choice, he split himself into two and allowed the aspects to take on their own forms using half of his own body. His only request was for tranquility and destruction to continue working together in order to maintain balance within the sea.

    This sacrifice Eurotas made forced him to forfeit his own life, but Thetis and Nebethet were born into the universe. For the remainder of the Golden Ages, the two brothers acted both separately and together, keeping in mind their father’s only request. Nebethet would cause the waves to whip, skies to boom with thunder and lightning, but Thetis was always there to remind the world of a simple fact: where there was destruction, there was also tranquility.

    All of this changed when tensions were high among the divine and Surna was banished. Esterin thrown into darkness, Nebethet saw his chance to stray away from his purpose, forcing destruction and natural disasters onto the world without giving any time to heal. Feeling betrayed and still believing in the need for balance, Thetis went to speak with his brother, only to be attacked by him.

    Nebethet wished to kill his brother, rid the world of any sense of peace, and let destruction reign. Chaotic, spontaneous, acting without any thought, Nebethet lunged at Thetis with the intent of slaying him. To his surprise, Thetis fought back and plunged Nebethet’s weapon through his chest.

    Nebethet had fallen, Thetis apologized to his brother and banished him to the bottom of the Great Ocean. From there, Nebethet’s presence still lingers on, powerful enough to still carry out the duties he was created for. Thetis lives on in the oceans, keeping watch over his brother’s resting place while continuing to spread his aspect of tranquility.

    The Spark

    Its legend is currently shrouded in mystery.