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The Peacekeepers are an expansive proto-military force that often works in tandem with city government to assure peace is kept among the people. The Peacekeeper order, at the moment, only exists on Dragon’s Cradle. Cities and locations outside of DC have their own military and guard structures.

Peacekeepers believe in two things;

  1. Obedience to the Cause 
  2. Comrades before one’s self

Some of the Peacekeeper’s Cause are based on the Order. In this case, the Cause is: 

  1. Protection of everything that is Good in the world
  2. Assuring the safety of every being, regardless of race or creed
  3. Destruction of those that pose a threat to the core pillars of the world

Many Peacekeepers will have a patron god or goddess they follow. It is common for Peacekeepers to follow religious beliefs of Embers of Surna, Moon Glow, or Earth’s Children. It is also not unreasonable for Peacekeepers to have no religious practice, or to follow the Order itself.
Peacekeepers have different headquarters throughout various cities in Dragon’s Cradle, the current strongest headquarters is in Verdisol. Other cities include, Lightvale, Eisgard, and Dranur.

Every Peacekeeper has a badge that indicates both their rank and headquarters location.

Rank 0 Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
Page Squire Knight Paladin Captain Commander
-- +2 EP +3 EP +4 EP +5 EP Artifact