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The members of the Rise of the Tide is primarily composed of Aquans, seafarers, and species who abide by the elemental type of water. Many of these followers find comfort in the idea of “dualism”: the idea that the universe contains opposed powers of good and evil (or in this case, tranquility and destruction), which are seen as being balanced equals. Most members respect these ideals and follow them in their day to day lives offering prayers to the aspects of the sea, Thetis and Nebethet. Some still refer to the pair as Eurotas, believing that together they still carry on the will of this fallen god. Most members tend to respond neutrally to conflict, seeing all negatives and positives as having a way to balance themselves out when necessary.

Alternatively, some members only follow the teachings of a single god worshiped by the order. The bulk of members find these beliefs to be heretical. However, they allow these small sects to be as they are because of their own beliefs on duality.


Those who strictly follow the teachings of Thetis are still welcome in the ranks of the order, but find themselves to be a bit more outcasted. These people believe that good must prevail over all else, tending to sway more towards a lawful good stance with it comes to conflict. They wish to give back to those destruction has preyed upon, encouraging the world to ascend to a state of peace and tranquility.


Those who strictly follow the teaching of Nebethet are still welcome in the ranks of the order, but find themselves to be a bit more outcasted. These people have a hedonistic approach on life as a whole, believing they should do what pleases them in every given moment without any thought to the consequences. Signs of more chaotic evil tendencies are shown throughout this group, but the majority are chaotic neutral. Some find themselves seeking refuge in the destruction of the world, believing it should prevail over all else.



These members commune directly with one or both of these deities. Whispers of sunken treasures and safest days of travel find themselves to be heard by these members, gods compelling them to answer these calls. These members find themselves able to fully communicate with sea life, breathe underwater if they could not previously, and are much more resilient than the Nuotatori all for the purpose of exploration. Each member is considered to be part of the group named the “Relic Hunters”.

Benefits: +30 Health

[2/10 Alta Marea Positions Filled]

  • Deva
  • Tianna Foam


A loyal member of the Rise of the Tide. The vast majority of members are of this rank, not being as involved in the gods’ divine schemes. They give offerings, participate in rituals and celebrations, and pray to one or both of the deities. However, they have not been touched by one of the god’s divine hands.