Skull Raiders

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“350?! I wouldn’t take a shit on their front lawn and set it aflame for less than 500…” ~Xiella Rotheryn, Age 23

The Skull Raiders are a massive mercenary group with Companies all throughout Esterin. Anyone can join the Skull Raiders and with any creed. Compared to other military groups in the world, the Skull Raiders are rather simple and believe in a meritocracy. Typically one must prove themselves to both the Company and Clients.

As a Skull Raider, characters have access to a special monetary bonus. Per every bounty or event completed, a Skull Raider will earn 25% more coin than the posted bounty.This also applies for bounties that a non-GM character holds.

If a Skull Raider completes enough missions, they can become a Brigadier and command their own Company Chapter. Skull Raiders can expand in to any city or outpost as potential Company Chapter. Currently the only significant Company Chapter location is Skull Keep and is led by Brigadier Savalir Entumal.




  • Blade-For-Hire: the first level of the Skull Raiders. Open to adventurers.
  • Raider: a raider that has participated or hosted 10 bounties/events of any type. Open to veterans.
  • Heroic Raider: A raider that has participated in or hosted 20 bounties/events of any type. Open to Exalted.


  • Brigadier. Company Commanders that control a Company Chapter in the world. Brigadiers can take on massive missions and act as supplemental army commanders if they (and the Linesmen involved) are paid enough.
    • Brigadiers can be made by Renowned that have Completed 50 Bounties/Events.