Storm Riders

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The Storm Riders are a loosely affiliated group with questionable morals. Most notably recognized for their skull and crossbones flags with loose understanding of maritime law, they pose a significant threat to those unprepared in the open waterways of Esterin. However, the Storm Riders do have a loosely formed moral code that’s written down… Somewhere.

The Pirate Code

A version of The Order, the Storm Riders have the following 3 universal laws:

  1. Mutiny is unacceptable (unless your Captain is crazy)
  2. Do not harm those who surrender (unless they’re lying bastards)
  3. Don’t poke the wildlife (unless it pokes you first)


As the name implies. Storm Riders who have either saved up, stolen, or inherited a ship. Their word is law on their ship. (A ship costs 750g.)


A recognized Storm Rider that has close ties to a Ship Captain or is particularly skilled.


Those who want to become a Ship Captain but start off mopping down decks instead. It’s a long climb to be able to afford a ship… Gotta start somewhere.

Benefit of being a Storm Rider:
+100% gold stolen on the sea (includes player money and what is found on the environment)

Active Vessels

  • The Water Witch