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An order of followers that revere in the changing of the seasons and all of the events that come with them. As the world changes so does the goddess Michara. The seasons represent Michara; Spring is youth, new life, and the forgetfulness of death. Summer vibrancy, beauty, and living in the present. Autumn the realization of age, prosperity, and fear. Winter is acceptance, wisdom, and love. Tempus Equinox celebrates four seasonal festivals a year (names listed under the season pictures), honoring the different phases and seasons of their goddess. Reverence of Michara bolsters harvests and one’s connection with nature.

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Rank 0 Rank 1 Rank 2 Rank 3 Rank 4 Rank 5
Sprout Herbalist Guardian Ritualist Druid Arch Druid
-- +2 EP +3 EP +4 EP +5 EP +50 EP



The waking. Slow revival of the body and mind to prepare for the year.

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The frenzy. Music and laughter fill the air, drunkenness.




The reaping. The harvest is brought in and stored for winter.




The quiet. A time of reflection and austerity.

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Tier I (5 DVO)
Tier II (10 DVO)
Tier III (15 DVO)
Call of the Wild One with Nature

+5% Familiar Proficiency Gain (Cumulative)

(Active, Free)

Once per round, you may use Summon as a Free Action.

One with Nature

+5% Familiar Proficiency Gain (Cumulative)

(Active, Free)

Once per round, you may use Summon as a Free Action.

Blood Bond

+5% Familiar Proficiency Gain (Cumulative)


The HP cost of Embrace is reduced by 30%.



Region: Found primarily around Birchwood.

The Brightfang pride themselves on being curators and protectors of Esterin and nature. The membership and belief of this group vary widely; some view it as an association to help small forests grow, while others view it as a zealous mission. The Brightfang, inherently, are Druids, and have a significant attachment to the natural world. This attachment can come in the form of simple farm work to massive reforestation efforts (often through enforcement and violence). The Arch Druids among the group will often convene throughout the year to provide guidance to those who follow them as well as to reinforce their organization.

Seven Scales of the Dawn

Region: Found primarily within the Dragon's Cradle, though can be found anywhere Michara's life still blooms


  • Venerate the Dragons
  • Search the world for more blessed beings
  • Reclaim the hoards of the deceased
  • ???

Further Details

There have been many iterations of cults dedicated to the Dragons. People finding a fascination, or obsession, over the large winged beasts that command physical and magical might like few have seen or remember. The Cultists revere Dragons as Michara's heralds, the ultimate form of nature's beauty, grace, and unrelenting wrath. Life has been breathed into existence by the power of the Greens. Flames of the Reds purging impurities in soil and soul. Each color a part of Her cycle, each working in perfect harmony to keep Esterin well.

In the wake of Twilight's fall, the most recent iteration of the Dragon cult was born. It's name taken from the seven known Dragons to stalk the grounds of the Dragon's Cradle before the Battle for the Dawn.

  • Somn Gangare, The Emerald Queen
  • Zevar Gangare, Spirit of the Wilds
  • Iaros Autumn, The Gold Emperor
  • Kyros Nightclaw, The Stormforged
  • Xaeya Amil-Gaul, Azure Arc
  • Sheena Laevatein, Flametongue
  • Brandon Scar, Nature's Fury

As for their purpose, they seem benign... enough. On the surface they venerate the Dragons and Wyrms to a lesser extent, willing to offer aid or help if they feel charitable. However... it's always a dangerous line to walk with those fanatic or the obsessed.

Whispers of the Weave

Region: None specifically, though they tend to live/be along the edges of civilization or deep in the wild.

A coven founded by the three crones: the Caller, the Weaver, and the Gardener.

Their tenet is thus - written, whispered, howled:

mana flows through every leaf and stone

corruption secured by nature overgrown

they are ours and ours alone

--------- our skins

--------- our throne

we are primals bound by blood

--------- by muscle

--------- by bone

we will hunt forever

A ritual secures your place in the coven, should the crones find you worthy and your cause true. Witches, warlocks, and those who fight for nature are welcome - as long as you're willing to get your hands dirty.

The group of witches is often referred to as the Woven, with their non-witch guards known as Howlers