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    The Magistrate represents a three branch organization that handles a variety of affairs. Before Twilight, what is now the Mage’s Council, Black Coats, and Treasury were three different organizations that were at odds with one another for power and information. After Twilight, the remnants of these groups banded together to form a coalition. Any member of the Magistrate is allowed to use the Magistrate’s resources while certain benefits are only available to specific branch members.

    Black Coats

    A secret society of information gatherers, espionage, and private liaisons. With nothing but shady rumors proving their existence to the general population, many city-state leaders will have at least one Black Coat to protect their interests discreetly while keeping their own hands clean. How and what they work on are decided by each individual member, as long as they keep in line with the organization’s current main goal. The Black Coats work closely with the Treasury. And yet, it seems that they’re barely scraping the surface of this group shrouded in enigma. Black Coat headquarters are located in the World Archive.


    The Black Coats rarely acts as a group, and more often than not complete their tasks individually, be it from city officials or other organizations of interest. They do, however, have a group of five ‘leaders’ who maintains order and indirectly commands the entirety of the organization.

    Other than the Council itself, there also exists the rank ‘Judicator’, ‘Librarian’, and ‘Null’. The three of these are equal, whilst Field Agents are the lowest on the command order.


    Though they are the ones who works most closely with the Council, it does change the fact that they are not any higher than the other two ranks. Judicators are the members who decides on how to proceed with the Imperator’s plans in details, and is also in charge of giving out information to the others, one way or another.


    Those who holds the rank of Librarian mostly works for the sole purpose of recording evidence of past and current events. Not only they must write how it happened, but they must also archive the fact of how it truly happened if the Black Coats’ hands were in on said event.


    These Black Coats had their identity completely wiped from history and any records to date. This fact gives them leeway on their purpose, which is to eliminate high-value targets (A city’s leader, royal blood, other high ranking organization members, etc.) or carry out other specialized tasks in order to bend the course of events to the will of the council. Their very existence is kept secret from even the most renowned city-state leaders.


    Comprises nearly 80% of the whole organization.  These field agents are the limbs with which the Black Coats slink their way through the darkness in pursuit of their blackened agendas. They are the tasked with the stalking, interrogating, and sometimes even termination of most Black Coat queries.


    “We are unburdened by frivolous crisis of self-identity. Being nobody at all is far more lucrative.” ~Unknown

    Mage's Council

    The Mage’s Council is a secretive lot. Like the Corps, they have headquarters throughout any major center of magic. Some of these Councilmembers are welcome and advertise their presence freely, especially in Lightvale, but in places with lower mana populations, like Birchwood, they tend to remain hidden.

    If a mage goes rogue, meaning they attempt to use mana to destroy or extraordinarily harm a city, they will be called in by the Council for trial. The council used to be comprised entirely of fey, but now with their disappearance, anyone with enough expertise and political maneuvering can become a council member.


    A select group of mages that are comprised of magisters and Sorcerer Primes. These people assure that magic among recognized mages and mage groups is being used, for the most part, towards the betterment of the Realm. The council also creates official edicts towards magic use.


    People with or without magic who have been given permission by the Mage's Council to investigate unusual magic behavior. They are recognized by the council's symbol on the back of gloves or a pendant.


    “The mage is clever, and he is powerful. He is capable of great feats of magic hitherto undreamt of by Man or Elf. And it is for that reason that he must be checked.” ~Councilman Wilmon Kantis

    The Treasury

    The treasury is an independent organization within city states and territories. Their loyalty is to one another and to keep the economy flowing amidst disaster, threat, and espionage. Their secrets are well hidden and it takes years of work to be accepted amongst even the lowest ranks for this organization. Those who become involved with the Treasury typically do not come from political or important backgrounds; the Treasury wants no conflict of interest.

    It is rumored that a golden dragon controls the vast wealth throughout Twilight Realm. No one has been able to confirm or deny this creature’s existence.

    Each rank of key has different responsibilities and powers imparted on them. Each Treasurer carries with them, at all times, a key that signifies their rank, city, and department. Each rank of treasury is assumed to also participate/perform the functions below it as well.


    The lowest rank. You have barely been accepted into the Treasury.


    Basic material access as well as the ability to walk, escorted, within the Treasury of your Key.


    Significant administrative duties, tracking, and you can walk by yourself within the Treasury of your Key.


    You are allowed to walk, with an escort, among other Treasuries. Your Key will open the majority of vaults within your home Treasury.


    A rare level of access. You can change the mint coin color, access any Treasury within the Realm, and request special audiences with city-state rulers.


    “Coins pass through billions of hands over the course of a decade. They may find their way into the hands of a shop owner, then a thief, then a beggar, perhaps even into the belly of a curious dog. But no matter where they go, they always return to the treasury at one point or another. They always return home.” ~Treasurer Corrix Danthen