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The Order is a philosophical concept derived from a set of scrolls dated to the very beginning of the Golden Age. The scrolls, written by an unknown Xerik scholar then translated to Gnomish during 500 GA (Golden Age), follow a concept of energy in the world. Unlike religions or organizations, which focus belief around a singular entity or person, the Order focuses on the concepts of Good, Evil, and Divine. 

At first practiced solely among cloistered elementals in the depths of Taunhill, the Order became a world-wide phenomena 50,000 GA. It’s popularity was so significant at one point, that massive monuments were erected in honor of the 3 Primal Energies. As the Order grew in popularity and touched all corners of the globe, it was adapted to local beliefs and current standing religions. 

At the center of the Order’s beliefs are three concepts:

  1. The energy one puts into the world will be returned.
  2. On occasion, the divine beings will influence the world for their benefit.
  3. If one strives for perfection without purpose, it will never be obtained.

The 3 Primal Energies are thought to comprise everything in the universe, even down to the very fabric of the Gods themselves. And, when the universe was created, rather than being a single entity, it was a trinity of cosmic energies that ebbed and flowed with one another. From that relationship, the world and all of the gods and goddesses were born.

Concepts within the Order are referenced in early Golden Age texts, all the way until 199,8000 GA. In those 200 years presiding Twilight, much of the world’s scholarly and scientific work was lost through wars, famine, and eventually Twilight itself.

It is important to note that the Order does not have a structured religious clergy. Additionally, the Order does not have rituals and nor is there ever a call for those who practice the Order to congregate.

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