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The Viper's Nest is an alliance of various gangs or better known as “nests” and criminal enterprises that seek two things above all else: power and profit. Led by a secret council, known as the Big Four. These four entities are known as the most ruthless criminal masterminds in Esterin, and their influence can be felt in almost every city and settlement throughout the realm. Each nest answers to this council. If need be, the council has the ability to terminate a nest at any point in time, usually killing the leaders and relocating the members to a different nest. Each region of nests as well as the nests themselves can act independently while still following their specific orders from the Big Four.

“It is inevitable that in the midst of chaos and darkness, there will always be those seeking to advance their own interests. “ -Unknown

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The Criminal Code

All members of the Viper’s Nest are expected to adhere to a specific code tailored to the world of criminals. Failure to follow typically results in death or severe injury, but they’d never outright tell you that.

The Code is as follows:

  • Never go against an order from your superiors. Wouldn’t you rather just be a sheep over a dead sheep?
  • Keep your gods damned mouth shut. One with a loose mouth will find they don’t get to keep it.
  • If you start a fight with another member, you’ll finish it. However, it will be done before your superiors. Internally, we keep our fights fair.



Tiger Snake





Active Nests: