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Global Society

Esterin is a planet that has suffered an apocalyptic event and survived to tell the tale. Twilight was a mass extinction event inflicted on the world by outer-stellar beings as well as on-planet politics. The majority of people who populate the world are descendants of survivors. Society, economics, and technology are a significant part of Tenebris Realm. As the roleplay takes place across a unique planet, different regions, cities, and people will have often conflicting interpretations of the world. The world has healed enough for new opportunities to arise for descendants, but the visceral scars and widespread memories of Twilight still remain as a heavy reminder to all people.

Every person, city, and region is unique. Like Earth, no one single space is homogenous to a unifying ideal. Some areas come close, such as Lyeria or Srbavayr, but no one city or territory is uniformly cohesive in ideals or objectives. At this point, all regions experience substantial migration, and the transitory populations between massive cities such as Taunhill and Verdisol are significant.

Most people of the same species share a common language and belief. Those who live in the same area will agree to patrol their own streets, provide aid and healthcare, as well as look to increase their local incomes. Esterin, much like Earth, does not exist without social pressures or expectations. Propriety is dictated by local social norm, family history, as well as economic status. Additionally, some cities are heavily technology oriented, while others take a more mystical approach by using magics or other natural means.

Religion varies significantly among people and groups. There is consensus among everyone on Esterin that the Gods are real and are spiteful. These beliefs can heavily influence a character's potential for growth as well as their character archetype.