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Technology in Esterin

The technology present in Esterin is akin to what humanity had access to in the mid-to-late 10’s and 20’s of the 20th century in the real world. To supplement this, the Engineering Corps has developed a method of powering these decrepit devices through a unique use of mana (Manatek).


Items or weapons that use a standard physical ammunition or fuel source to complete a task or inflict damage.


Special items powered by Mana Crystals that that use mana as their ammunition or allow for non-magic users to cast magic. Mana Crystals can be recharged outside of combat by a magic user, at a magic spring, or in any city. A standard mana crystal can hold one mana type at a time. Certain large-scale manatek may be powered by mana lakes and springs, which is then converted to heat and power.


  • Basic Vehicles
  • Building and Street Lights
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Public Broadcasting Radios
  • Basic Medical Equipment
  • Elementally-imbued Weapons
  • Black & White Televisions
  • Home Phones
  • Small Arms Weaponry


  • Prosthetic Limbs
  • Specialized Vehicles


  • Airships
  • Significant War Machines
  • Teleportation Stones
  • Rifles & Heavy Weaponry
  • Artifacts & Talismans