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Technology in Esterin

The technology present in Esterin is akin to what humanity had access to in the mid-to-late 10’s and 20’s of the 20th century in the real world. With Surna’s disappearance, nearly all forms of electricity disappeared from the world and many devices of the old world have been rendered totally useless. To supplement this, the Engineering Corps has developed a method of powering these decrepit devices through a unique use of magical energy (Magitek). The majority of Magitek is powered by mana lakes and springs, which is then converted to heat and power to power things like lamps, radios, and even some kinds of weaponry. However, due to its volatility and expensive cost of production, Magitek is rare and expensive.

The majority of citizens have learned to live without it and have grown accustomed to living with technology from more than a century back. Horses, coaches, and newly reinvented trains provide enough speed with which to travel, oil lantern’s light homes in the evening, and books keep folks entertained in their spare time. Most people do not own television’s and even some lower-middle class citizens cannot afford radios.

Please keep in mind that GM’s and the Server Owner have final say on what does and does not exist within the world. Even if you can provide evidence to support the fact that the piece of tech you want your character to have may have existed during this time, it is still subject to denial if it does not fit with our vision of the world.

Types of Technology

KINETIC TECHNOLOGY: Items or weapons that use a physical mechanic to complete a task or inflict damage (ex: a traditional gun that uses ammunition or a vehicle that is powered by aetherite). Much of kinetic technology from non-magic users is salvaged from the Frontier; reminiscent of a time long past.

ENERGY TECHNOLOGY (MAGITEK) Items or weapons imbued with magical properties or use mana as their ammunition (ex: Magitek bows that fire elemental arrows, golems, or enchanted armor). Over the years, new ways to create and fuel new Magitek inventions have been discovered. From the exceedingly rare instantaneous communication devices to the slightly more common single person transport vehicles and automobiles.


All citizen of Esterin have access to common technology. Magitek items require the user to have some knowledge of magic or the ability to use such a weapon. Other items, such as uncommon and rare technology, require a level of organization, religious, or economic access.


  • Public vehicles
  • Building and street lights
  • Heating and cooling
  • Public Broadcasting Radios
  • Basic medical equipment
  • Mana imbued swords, daggers, hammers, etc.


  • Black and White Televisions
  • Home phones
  • Small arms weapons
  • Enchanted or Cursed weapons
  • Prosthetic Limbs


  • Private vehicles
  • Airplanes
  • Significant machines of war
  • Teleportation stones
  • Rifles & Heavy Weaponry
  • Artifacts & Talismans

Big, Common Technology, Explained

VEHICLES: Due to the lack of technology as well as the lack of fuel to power fossil-fuel engines, automobiles are extremely uncommon though not completely non-existent. Those who have a prolific amount of wealth at their disposal may be able to afford a magitek automobile or even a small fossil-fuel powered bike. Most common folk, however, rely on their feet, their horse, or the limited train system to get around.

FIREARMS: With the loss of electricity went the machinery normally used to mass-produce complex firearms and ammunition. However, thanks to the Engineering Corps, many designs have survived using reverse engineering of ancient remains and some innovative thinking. So far, they have only managed to bring firearms back up to bolt action rifles and revolving pistols. Automatic weapons exist but they are from the same time period as the designs found for small arms, thus, they are unwieldy and large and require a team of men to operate effectively. Those who own firearms fall into three categories, people who have close connections with collectors, conventional military backed by a kingdom, or people who nick them off the bodies off the first two. Though, good luck killing someone with a gun using only a dagger.