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Technology in Esterin

The average technology present in Esterin is akin to what humanity had access to in the mid-to-late 10’s and 40’s of the 20th century in the real world. To supplement shortcomings, the Engineering Corps has developed a method of powering devices through a unique use of mana (Manatek). Access to technology varies substantially among the different populations and cities. Some cities opt for a more manatek approach, while others rely on kinetic engineering.


Items or weapons that use a standard physical ammunition or fuel source to complete a task or inflict damage. Examples of fuel can include aetherite, gasoline, petrol, natural oils, wood, and rare minerals.


Special items powered by Mana Crystals that use mana as their ammunition or allow for non-magic users to cast magic. Mana Crystals can be recharged outside of combat by a magic user, at a magic spring, or in any city. A standard mana crystal can hold one mana type at a time. Certain large-scale manatek may be powered by mana lakes and springs, which are then converted to heat and power.


Found in most homes and locations.

  • Basic Medical Equipment
  • Basic Vehicles
  • Black & White Televisions
  • Electric Building and Street Lights
  • Elementally-imbued Weapons
  • Heating and Cooling
  • Home Phones
  • Kitchen appliances
  • Public Broadcasting Radios
  • Small Arms Weaponry


Either require moderate specialization by an individual, city, or organization.

  • Immunizations
  • Prosthetic Limbs
  • Punch-card Computers
  • Rifles & Heavy Weaponry
  • Specialized Vehicles


Large enterprises, rare items, or significant specialization by an individual, city, or organization.

  • Airships
  • A.I. (Q'thar only)
  • Artifacts & Talismans
  • Circuit Computers
  • Creation of Chimera
  • Creation of Constructs
  • Significant War Machines
  • Teleportation Stones