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Tenebris Realm uses a gold standard for all currency. All coins are a type of metal, while those who are paying for larger purchases can use other items. Bartering is incredibly common, as is trading goods for services.

Currency is slated to a gold standard, outlined below. It is up to the player to track their earned money, which is done on your character sheet.

Currency Value to Copper
Gold Coin (G) 1000
Silver Coin (S) 10
Copper Coin (C) 1

The banking system in Tenebris Realm is called the Treasury. Members of the system are called Treasurers and are usually none to low magic individuals. Every individual is issued a key ranging from pewter, bronze, silver, iron, and gold depending on their importance within the group. A detailed explanation of each Treasurer is expanded on in the Jobs section. Each city has their own associated Vault. All coins are smithed using the same template with minor variations depending on the printing branch. Coins minted within Verdisol, for example, are outlined in green enamel.

More information on the Treasury can be found here.

Wealth is the measure of your purchasing means within Tenebris Realm. Wealth can be earned or lost through roleplay, selling or buying crafted items, and/or doing or requesting performances.

Just as in the real world, the amount of money you have at your disposal can have an effect on how you are perceived by the world around you. There is a reason the upper echelons of society does not go strolling through the poor neighborhoods.

Wealth Levels

DESTITUTE (1) (Adventurer)

Someone who does not have even 1g to their name. These folks can freely pass in and out of the slums/lower quarters without hassle. They receive attention if they are poorly dressed in a fine neighborhood, event, or even at religious areas (unless otherwise stated).

It takes 10g earned through RP to rise from Destitute to Lower.

LOWER CLASS (2) (Adventurer)

The lower tier of society that somehow manages to survive on what little they have.  They can afford to clothe and feed themselves and their family, but that is the extent of their spending power.  They usually work unskilled labor jobs that require little to no prior training. The Lower Class is seen in most places throughout the world and are not usually paid much mind unless they brave places frequented by the higher class.

It takes 100g earned through RP to rise from Lower to Middle.

MIDDLE CLASS (3) (Adventurer)

Midling amount of wealth that provides for essentials as well as some spending money for leisure.  The Middle Class makes up about 40% of the population and work jobs that require a degree of skill like market stall merchants, farmers, and bakers.  They are taken more seriously by shop owners and are not entirely looked down upon by the wealthy, however, they become the targets of ne'er do wells and pickpockets in the slums, as they are the most likely to have something on them and least likely to put up much of a fight.
It takes 500g earned through RP to rise from Middle to Upper.

UPPER CLASS (4) (Exalted)

The people who occupy this economic strata makeup less than 10% of the population and with good reason. The Upper Class is made of business owners, engineers, and white-collar workers who have studied for many years or have worked their way up the corporate ladder to get where they are today. They don’t worry about food or clothing and have plenty of money to spend on leisure.  They tend to keep to their own neighborhoods as venturing into lower-income parts of town do not bode well for someone looking like they could buy up every property on the street and still have scrap for the movies.
It takes 1500g to rise from Upper to Wealthy.

WEALTHY (5) (Renowned)

Less than 5% of the population, these people likely did not get to where they are through hard work or back-breaking labor. Those who occupy this status are generally nobility or influential political figures whose money is earned, or rather gifted, from inheritance or being the offspring of the president of an extremely successful business empire. They want for nothing and can even buy entire properties as a leisurely pursuit. Wealthy folk turn the heads of even the Upper Class when they go out. While they are free from the hungry gaze of petty thieves and pickpockets who fear their power and influence, they become the targets of highly-trained assassins and thieves usually hired by other members of this status.

It takes 5000g to rise from Wealthy to Exceedingly Wealthy.


Exceedingly wealthy characters are typically leaders of some kind; organization, religion, or military. These people are typically played by Gamemasters for story purposes, but some more important mythic characters can seek GM approval for this wealth level.

It takes 15000g to rise Exceedingly Wealthy to Wealthy Beyond Reason.


Characters that are wealthy beyond reason are typically ancient dragons or heroes, having accumulated massive hordes or stashes over the many centuries of their existence.

Petitioning to Move Up a Wealth Rank

You may have noticed that the higher your server rank the higher level of rank you may start a character with.

This does not mean that your previous characters can enter this rank once your server rank increases-- especially if your character has not done anything in the server. However, if you have been active and would like to move up a rank this can be requested to a GM. This must also fit into your characters bio. You can not have a character who lives in the slums, does not work, and has a shit ton of debt-- be wealth level 4. It does not make sense.